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We Combine the proven ECO-friendly manufacturers and of ECO-friendly consumers around the world

Wealleco - optimal balance between price and quality

We create demand for our goods in the target country

Our clients:
- large distributors
- small distributors
- retail networks
- health food stores
- pharmacies

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Every day we work happily to make a life
of all Nations more ECO-friendly
Anton Novikov
Founder & CEO
"The evolution of consciousness is possible through conscious consumption of eco-friendly products with proven quality"

Svetlana Sokolova
Operational Director
"Spreading useful, I understand that I live bringing benefit to mankind"
Sergey Kuznetsov
Account Director
"Proven products = Satisfied customers"
Irina Sazonova
HR Director
"My mission: that more people would go to work with joy"
Maria Titova
PR Director
"Our clients recommend us to their partners"
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